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Chris Hanratty

Chris has been video gaming since the 80s, hammering away on the ZX Spectrum keyboard or fiddling with the Atari 2600's funky joystick as a toddler. He now has an unexplainable like of roguelikes, survival games, confusing RPGs, and daft simulations. His board gaming career began in the early 2000s, when he first bought the likes of Puerto Rico, Carcassonne and Colosseum, and he's mostly to blame for getting all his friends addicted. He'll usually play anything that isn't Kittens Against Humanity or whatever it's called.

When he's not playing games, he's usually playing guitar in The Matatunes.

Chris is a founder of the podcast.

Euan Glasgow

Euan is an enthusiastic player of euro-games and a slightly less enthusiastic player of any other board games placed in front of him. He started his video gaming experience on the Super Nintendo and some have suggested he never really progressed from there. When not placing workers and collecting resources he can be found playing his banjo around his hometown of Edinburgh, at whichever venue he can con into giving him a fee or at least a free pint.
Euan is a founder of the podcast.

Pawel Daruk

Pawel originally joined the podcast as an occasional RPG contributer. However, he couldn't be trusted to submit his bits on time, so he was dragged into HQ as a main host in 2016. He didn't have a life before TTRPGs, and arguably after; he once built a fort out of RPG corebooks and sourcebooks and felt very much at home inside. He plays video and board games for immersion, inspiration and lore, but detests the idea of having to share any of these things with other people. He gorges himself on turn-based, isometric PC gameplay. But also Mass Effect. Excluding Andromeda.

Dave McCreary

Dave joined the podcast in 2017 as the official NetHack correspondant. His main role is to ask dumb questions and to tell Pawel why he's wrong, even when he's right. He bakes cakes, and is the main producer of the musical bits of the podcast. His favourite games are Mage Knight, Rhino Hero, and Mass Effect Andromeda.

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