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124 (VG) - Catch the ball, Ryo!

Video Games: Chris has finally decided it's time to talk about Shenmue 3, and asks the question on everyone's lips: can Shenmue survive in the modern world of gaming? Meanwhile, Dave has another games round up for us, starting off with Unheard, a detective game with an eavesdropping twist, and moves on to the Obsidian RPG The Outer Worlds (the less said the better), and goes back to enjoy the spectacular Witcher 3. Finally, Chris has a good chat about his new retro gaming console, the Retrostone 2, because Chris doesn't relive his childhood gaming enough apparently.

123 (VG) - Numbers That Go Up

Video Games: Chris and Dave have returned to their podcasting lives, which means returning to gaming, which means being grumpy. Chris gives Ghost Recon Breakpoint a bit of a protracted kicking, before Dave goes on a long gaming update in which he suggests Horizon Zero Dawn might be overrated, Gwent is a bit silly, Destiny 2 lives up to the disappointment, MLB The Show 19 is... a baseball game, but that Monster Hunter World is actually quite good. Finally, Chris gives the episode a positive ending by loving up mobile game Golf Blitz.

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122 (BG) - Tabletop Scotland Special Part Two

Board Games: Part two of our Tabletop Scotland Special, featuring Chris being massively relieved at having sold Feudum for a good cause, an overview of Tokaido, the one game we booked out of the games library over the weekend, interviews with Justin from BadCat Games, Andy from DMB Games, Darius from UNCON in Kent, a debate about Hero Quest, and Dave's round up of buying baked goods from LIDL. Obviously

121 (BG) - Tabletop Scotland Special Part One

Board Games: Part one of our Tabletop Scotland Special, featuring an overview of our shenanigans during our weekend at the convention, interviews with Games by Bez, Andy from YAY Games, Kenny from the Dice Roll Cafe, and a good long chat about the excellent Bridge Simulator by Edinburgh College!

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120 (VG) - Throw me a Pumpkin

Video Games: Chris and Dave (the stalwarts) are on their own this week, but it's worthwhile because they've both played the ridiculous and immensely fun Cooking Simulator; Chris has returned to Ghost Recon Wildlands and Planet Coaster to check out some new features, and has also managed to put a few hours into tycoon-style transport and industry building game Rise of Industry; and Dave has been having his brain burnt by the crazy puzzler Baba is You.

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