About Us

The Large and Unnecessary First Player Token Podcast released its first episode in July 2015, after Chris forced Euan to sit down in front of a microphone and talk about games with him.

The podcast quite quickly became a review show, with our main focus being on the games we've played recently, no matter if the games are old or new. Pawel forced his way on to the team in early 2016 after he refused to remain as purely a part-time contributor to the show, and Dave joined in mid-2017 mainly as a foil to Pawel.

Our aim has always been to keep the shows as fun and laid-back as possible, with a good bit of joking and needling between the hosts.

The Podcast has undergone a couple of format changes over the years, with a change from longer fortnightly episodes to shorter weekly episodes alternating between video and board games, the introduction of some entertaining features such as the Retro Games Book Club and Chris's Quiz, and some special shows for moments when we go to unique events such as conventions. We have streamed playthroughs of both video and board games on our Twitch channel, and you can also find these on our YouTube channel. Despite the years going by, we like to think the podcast still keeps the same light-hearted daftness it's always had.

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